My favourite free photo sources

When designing a website or brand, photos and illustrations are a must to create a lively, authentic and imaginative experience for the user or customer.

Free photo resources, On Port 80 Web Design, Brisbane, Australia

And there are amazing free resources available for everyone.

Photographers have been making their artwork available online. And it is amazing what you can find for free. For our convenience, photo platforms have emerged compiling huge amounts of free stock images and offering them to the public along with tags, categories and related images. 

 Check out my favourite free photo resources!  Photo:  @reddangelo

Check out my favourite free photo resources! Photo: @reddangelo


Here are my top 3 picks when I am looking for inspiration or high quality photos to support a brand and website. All of them published with the rights for everyone to use. 

1 Pexels

Pexels is the place I first go to when I am looking for photos and inspiration. 

They offer an amazing variety of beautiful stock photos which you can use anywhere on your website as they are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License. This means that the person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain and waived all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law. 

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Currently we cover over 40,000 free stock photos. And every month at least 3,000 new high resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by our users or sourced from free image websites
— Pexels

All photos are tagged and therefore easily searchable. 


Another favourite of mine is also offering high resolution images. Every week they extend their collection by hundreds. In this collection you might find the more unusual shots that Pexels is not listing for you. 

Their photos are also free from any copyright restrictions

We’re very grateful for all the photographers who share their work for free. To show our appreciation, we identify the author of each photograph and link back to their profile. Our long term vision is to create an amazing community of photographers that want to share their work with the world.

It is like a treasure chest and worth having a look around. 

3 Unsplash

The third portal I would like to recommend is Unsplash. They have over 300.000 free high-resolution photos on offer. The photos on this platform are very artistic and polished and highlight the personality of each photographer. 

Unsplash has been used in everything from Apple keynotes to the default theme shipped with Wordpress. You’ve probably already seen a photo from Unsplash, you just didn’t know it.
— Unsplash



In this blog post I introduced you my top three sources for photos that can be used in websites, promotions or banners:

  1. Pexels 
  3. Unsplash 

When you look through the different collections, some images overlap of course. There are, however, still differences and you might find just the perfect match on one but not the other website. 

In some instances of course, it is worth is spending a few dollars to get the license for the perfect image to complement your brand. Since Getty Images are automatically integrated with Squarespace, I like to have a look there as they are just one click away.

Otherwise, Shutterstock offers 5 images for $50 and they provide a hug range of great images and illustrations.

As a last note, it is good practice to thank the artists by sharing your finds on Facebook or Instagram. Just make sure you tag them on Instagram or Facebook so that your followers get to know about these talented people too.

What is your go to source for images? I am curious to read your comments!