Web design package


Is this you? 

  • I am not happy with the look of my website. I don't need anything complicated, but it has to reflect the quality my business and the way I work.
  • I thought there is software out there that anyone can use and start a shop any day, but I realised that it will take me a lot of time and effort to figure everything out.
  • I am already really busy as it is and have no interest in learning how to setup a site or even to code. I want someone to take care of it for me.
  • I have no web design experience, but I would like to create and edit the website myself. So I am looking for a solution where I can set it all up and maintain the website.
  • I want to start my own online shop, but I have no idea where to start.
  • Every time I contact my website administrator they charge me and I don’t know why it’s so expensive.

Then you came to the right place. I offer clients just like you the On Port 80 Web Design Package

I find most business owners want to get their business online - quickly. They also want to take pride in how they look online, needing to have their brand, products and qualities reflected through design, colours, images and words. They find trial and error works to a point, but it can be costly and time consuming. Perhaps you enjoy this, perhaps you don’t. I am happy to take over and build a stunning website with you.


What you can expect

A meeting to define business needs and user experience

Desktop and mobile web design, blog design

Domain name and web host setup

Introduction to the content management system

Websites from $1950 excl. GST
Online stores from $2670 excl. GST

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